Our learning model

The Virtual Campus and Moodle platform is the environment which provides access to learning resources and content and makes a certain kind of interaction possible through them. The student plays a predominant role in our model. The entire process revolves around designing areas and resources to enhance students' learning. Our learning model includes three fundamental elements that all come together in the design of courses: quality learning resources, collaboration and guidance.

Our learning model was inspired by the models applied in prestigious online universities, like the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the first fully online university, and the European University Cyprus. 


Current research has shown that the inclusion of collaborative activities in an online education leads to positive student performance outcomes, since it facilitates active learning, shared knowledge, and promotes social interaction. At SkillsUp, learning collaboratively means using teamwork, through communication and discussion with the instructor and/or classmates, to solve problems, develop projects, create products jointly, etc. The collaborative construction of knowledge at SkillsUp combines personal experience, group research processes and knowledge management with the support of the Moodle platform tools.


With this term we refer to the different types of relations that are developed between the students and the staff at SkillsUp. The guidance does not only include the help from the instructors on the contents of the courses, but also includes coaching on the course selection, career planning services, as well as technical support and familiarization with the learning platform. Through this guidance. our students receive personalized attention and support according to their needs, from the first day of their enrolment at SkillsUp.


With this term we refer to both learning resources exclusively designed to support and convey learning content, and other types of documents and tools, whether text or multimedia; taken from the web, created by the students themselves, etc.

Every course at SkillsUp has a duration between 4-6 weeks and a workload of aproximately 25 hours. All courses adopt an assignment-based approach to assessment instead of exams. Assessment is based on written coursework, which receives timely and personalized feedback by the instructors. For successful completion, students need at least a 50% overall grade.

SkillsUp has a established a team of pedagogical experts, which monitors and evaluated the existing courses; evaluates proposals on new programs; evaluates the learning resources provided in each course; evaluates the learning platform and its tools, and ensures that the hired instructors are properly trained in online teaching and learning.


Quality is very important to us. We guarantee an amazing and productive experience!


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