Another Erasmus+ project for SkillsUp!

E-mployed is the name of the new Erasmus+ project we are participating!
The project aims at providing unemployed young people with career guidance and peer education, and we want to best reach them through creativity.
But how to achieve that ?
  • We will develop learning challenges, for young unemployed people to acquire professional skills through tackling their own challenges
  • We will also develop challenges for youth workers to achieve new skills directly on the field and then use these news tools in their professional career
  • AND! We are using a new platform to introduce employability tips: Tik Tok!
We will use it to create ongoing, fun, and educational content, for the young people to learn in a fun way. We expect to reach a wider audience through that and get people more interested in learning tools in a creative way.
The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme. And we join forces with our partner organisations to combat unemployment issues through E-mployed: